The face behind Zaralima
The person behind all this is me, Sofie Senden. A passionate animal-lover trying to make a change, big or small. I’ve been here for 21 years so far, of which I’ve happily spent 2 years being vegan. It has brought me closer to the animals, nature and earth itself. This led me to create a platform to connect with like-minded people. I started a blog, followed by a YouTube channel and now my very own webshop. They allow me to do what I love most: create fun content, take beautiful photos, put together entertaining videos… All for the sake of the animals. I try to spread a message of peace and positivity in everything I do. Whether that’s a powerful caption to go with an Instagram post or a video about what I eat in a day as a vegan. It’s all with the intention to show people how amazing it is to live a life without harming any animals. This webshop was the next step for me. It’s a piece of me that people can carry with them in their daily life. Other people can help me spread my message now. I am thankful for that.
Where do the profits go?
We’re sure you’d like to know what happens with the money you choose to give Zaralima. Well, it goes right back to the animals. We share our land and home with some of the most precious animals you’ll ever come across. We live together with: Shiloh, the sweetest Border Collie. Zara, a beautiful cat we found when she was just a kitten, abandoned near a bridge. Pieteke, the friendly rooster with just one eye. Sjaapie, a sick sheep we rescued from slaughter. Last but not least, over a dozen of chickens, all saved from cruel industries. We take very good care of them and give them all the love they deserve (and more). It’s our dream to one day expand to a much bigger sanctuary, where all animals can feel safe and loved. Any profits made from my Zaralima project, will go to the animals, in so many different ways.
What does Zaralima mean?
You’ve probably never heard of the word ‘Zaralima’ before. That’s because it is our own put-together word. We chose two Arabic names: Zarah and Zulima. Their meaning and pronunciation spoke to us. Zarah means encourager, Zulima means peace.
As you know, Zaralima wants to spread a message of peace and positivity. Therefore, we created our unique name, meaning ‘Encouragers of Peace’. It reflects what we do and what we stand for.
Let’s all be Zaralima’s.
The message we spread
We want to spread a message of peace and positivity. We do not believe in specieism, meaning we believe every soul on earth is equal. One human should treat another with respect and each human should treat all animals with respect. Our message is simple: love yourself, love each other and, above all, love animals.
The materials we use
We aim to use as many eco-friendly materials as possible. Our products are made out of organic cotton or recycled polyester. This information is always given in our product descriptions. Something we are very proud of is the fact that even the packaging of your order is eco friendly. We do not wrap the items in plastic, not even recycled plastic. Our wrapping paper is made from recycled paper and the tape used to seal the package, has been made from recycled plastic. Small changes can make a big difference.
The people who make our clothes
We only offer fair-trade clothing to our customers. By doing this, we voice our opinion towards the fast fashion industry. Not only is this industry depleting our planet, it is also disrespectful and unfair towards it’s people. By buying fair-trade you support an industry that respects it’s workers, gives them a fair wage and provides them with a much healthier workspace. Know who made your clothes.
We would like to quote Lucy Siegle: “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying.”
We find this to be a very strong, true and inspiring quote. Think before you buy.

Since not everyone is aware of the enormous impact fast-fashion has on our planet, we would like to address the issue.

Interested in knowing more about fast-fashion? Check out the documentary ‘The True Cost’ on YouTube.